FIO – For Intercessors Only

FIO = For Intercessors Only!

As Halloween approaches, I really wanted to write something to encourage, edify, and admonish fellow Believers in Christ Jesus concerning the darkness concerning the origins of Halloween and whether or not Christians should celebrate it. While doing some lite “research” on the topic, I realized that there is a plethora of articles, blog posts, and videos online that teach on this particular topic. So instead of warning against participation in Halloween, which a lot of Christians typically ignore and participate anyway, while in prayer it dawned on me that it would be better to intercede for those participating in the holiday – saved and unsaved a like, instead of trying to persuade people to not participate. Another reason why I think it would be great if we interceded before, on, and after that day is because it would absolutely shake the gates of hell, as a reminder to the evil one that God is in control and still on the throne reigning and ruling over all of His people and the entire universe!

Why is it so important to pray and intercede for our loved ones, other Christians, and unsaved people concerning Halloween? Honestly, the history of Halloween was created is enough to wake up most Christians, when they are people who read and practice the Word of God. However, many people do not study their “Love Letters” enough to be convicted of participating in pagan worldly culturally and socially acceptable holidays, events, and practices that violate God’s Word. I enjoy watching theological debates, but I do not want to provoke someone to rebellion or spite just to attempt to prove a point about whether or not someone should participate in something that they revere and enjoy. I cannot tell you or anyone else what to believe about participating in Halloween, as I mentioned before there is much information about that topic available, however as an intercessor I can always pray that regardless of what that person chooses initially, that God will help, direct, and cover them in the path that they choose.

Why not just host an alternative to Halloween event? The answer to this is similar to the answer about all the information that is available, there are so many “harvest” or “Holy-een” events and celebrations planned by people who desire or are called to provide that. I believe that the best contribution that I can make concerning this topic is prayer and intercession. The problem is, that I do not want to take on this prayer campaign by myself. This is why I am putting this out there to intercessors who have a love and passion to see people set free, delivered, and the Mighty Hand of God at work. Instead of reports of finding razor blades in candy, or people that went missing on Halloween we could be praying that every piece of candy distributed to children/participants is safe to eat with no physical or spiritual ill effects and that every person who goes out trick or treating or to a celebration returns home safely and that the blood sacrifices using humans and animals are thwarted in Jesus name. Instead of reports of persons being injured or even dying because of pranks gone wrong, or children/people being drawn into satanic/demonic rituals that will have open spiritual doors in their lives that will lead them in to sin or oppression later on in life, we can pray that the plots and plans of the enemy that draw innocent children/people into traps to gain access to their spiritual lives are exposed beforehand, stopped, blocked, and destroyed in Jesus name. Instead of judging and criticizing our fellow Christians for whatever level of involvement that they have in the holiday, we can pray for them to encounter Jesus, to cultivate a deeper desire for intimacy with God, and for them to continue to grow and develop in the things of God that will lead them to their destiny in Him. Instead of complaining about all of the evil and darkness in the world and glorifying how “the devil is always busy,” we can thank and praise God that He is so merciful, loving and kind, that He hears the prayers of the righteous, and is faithful to respond to our cry. We can stand for His Kingdom, His Government, and participate with Him in cultivating on earth what He is doing in in Heaven.

confidnetial strictly
Instead of watching scary movies and gorging snacks and sweets, strategizing for the most “Christian way” to celebrate along with the world, or ignoring the holiday and pretending that it doesn’t exist or acting like we are allergic to it, how about we set some time aside (a few days before and after, if you’d like) personally or corporately to educate ourselves on what this day is really about and to pray for those who innocently do not know any better, as well as those who know exactly what they are doing. My personal goal is not to wage war, using spiritual warfare tactics, simply for the sake of contending against evil because we can. My objective is to tear down the kingdom of darkness by tearing its captives out of darkness and bringing them in to the loving Light of Christ. Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but rather to tear down the works of the evil one (John 3:17, 1 John 3:8). He came to forgive, heal, set-free, and deliver! He came to set the example of a higher way of living that can only be accomplished through a relationship with God Almighty. So just to make it clear, the need for intercession concerning this day is critical, not just because of the evil that usually is practiced on that day, but more importantly for the souls, the lives, the destinies, and the future of the Kingdom of God weighs in the balance.
At the end of my blog posts I usually invite you to pray with me to ask God for things that I thing we would agree on. For this post, however, I am appealing to the God in you to privately or publically, individually, or corporately make a commitment to pray and intercede for your loved ones, your neighborhoods, your local cities, and for protection and salvation to be released in greater measures on this day than ever before. Pray as the Holy Spirit directs you. Pray quietly or shake the walls with your prayers. Make the commitment and let’s watch God move on 10/31/2018. Amen.

Blessings Always,
Dionne Renae

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