Freedom: Let’s Do Something Different!


Can we do something different? There have been many apostolic and prophetic decrees made concerning a new level of freedom that God is releasing. While we are experiencing this great spiritual and national freedom in the USA and in other freedom cultures of the world, there are many people that are not free. There are millions of people in prison, many people enslaved by poverty and sociopolitical systems set against them, there are people who are oppressed by abuse and addiction and people who are bound to the fleshly ways of the world. A big type of oppression is religious bondage, and that is prevalent even is Christianity. So this week can we intercede for the freedom of those who are imprisoned, in bondage, or oppressed in any way. For God doesn’t bless us just to see His children blessed, His desire from the beginning is to bless His people that they would be a blessing.

Genesis 12:2 – “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.”

More on freedom here.

Let us not hoard the Freedom of the Lord for ourselves as He graces us with more of Him. Let’s intercede, and open up the gates and doors for others to experience this freedom too!

  • Let’s pray that the captives are set free, embrace, and maximize their freedom.
  • Let’s pray that generational cycles of captivity, oppression, and victimization are broken and turned into freedom, liberty, and God’s providence
  • Let’s pray that strongholds that cause people to return to oppression, bondage, and victimization are shattered and replaced with the mind of Christ and overcoming mindsets!
  • Let’s agree that soulish ties are broken on personal, local, corporate, regional, and national levels in Jesus’s name.
  • Let’s pray that those profiting from the imbalance of justice that captivity and oppression brings are replaced with those who only desire to execute God’s plan for Heaven on Earth in Jesus name.
  • Let’s pray that the silence of the suffering is converted in the roar of victorious praise to Abba!
  • Let’s pray that the sound of the mockers, scoffers, and irreverent is purged from our media and that the cause of the righteous will take precedence.
  • Let’s pray that true repentance takes place in the hearts and lives of abusers, oppressors, tyrants, and conspirators so that the land can be healed and the blessing of God released.
  • Let’s agree to see with the eyes of Christ and intercede for any abuse, oppression, or corruption that we witness, notice, or learn about instead of idly complaining about it.
  • Let’s agree to stop protecting corrupt leaders, politicians and charismatic personalities because we enjoy, or benefit from their position.
  • Let’s agree to deal with/repent for the evil in our own bloodlines and raising up righteous and redeemed generations instead of seeking someone else to blame.
  • Let’s agree to participate with God in setting people free: be it people that we know and care for or strangers and people that we will never meet in person in Jesus name.



As always, thank you for reading and sharing. Just a reminder that freedom doesn’t always look like freedom to the one who has been in captivity. Let the grace and mercy of God rule in our thoughts and opinions of others as we maximize the freedom of redemption paid for us to have by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! ♥♥♥


Blessings, Love, and Freedom!

Dionne Renae

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