Why Am I A Christian?

Why am I a Christian? Why do I believe that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer? Honestly,  sometimes I really wonder why I should continue to practice my faith as a Christian when for many other people who say that they are following Christ do not. The mainstream representation of what Christianity is about does not truly reflect my views and practice. While I have certainly not been a perfect Christian,  which other people like to remind me and everyone else of this, I don’t believe some of the popular ideas circulating are based in biblical truth. In today’s society spying on anyone who is determined suspicious in order to expose them is considered a wise and acceptable course of action, regardless of the ramifications. The question of right or wrong is ignored and if damning information is uncovered the ends justify the means. The problem with this strategy is that there is no biblical basis for this type of strategy to be used amongst and toward fellow Christians.  The only time spying is used as  instruction from God is when the Israelites spied to see the abundance of the promised land. In the New Testament the Pharisees spied to catch a woman committing adultery. For some reason they caught her in the act, which clearly indicates that they spied on her and that she was possibly set up by the man she was with,  because no charges were  brought against him, although he was equally involved in committing the adulterous act. When they brought her to Jesus, to test Him on Mosaic law that would require Him to command that she be stoned to death, He calmy rebuked them. He responded famously by saying, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” This is why I love Jesus and choose to follow Him. I see myself in the Bible: the adulterous woman, the woman with an issue for 12 years,  the woman delivered of torment that became a devoted follower. The woman at the well who, was so transformed after meeting Jesus that she evangelize her whole town is who I want to be like. 

Regardless of mainstream Christianity that fights for the unborn (which I happen to agree with to some degree, I also believe that women should have rights), I  don’t understand why hundreds of thousands of people dead from COVID-19 and deaths of unarmed African Americans from excessive force by police is not stirring up the same passion and conviction. I hear the media decribe all Christians as believing ignorantly, while not following the actual teachings and principles of the Bible. The media show Christianity as people agreeing with corruption, cheating, lying, and abuse of power. Regardless of my past broken Christianity, I am disturbed to see those who say that they are fellow Christians depicted this way. I have no right to tell anyone how to practice their faith, as my personal experience is lacking.  However, my prayer is that Jesus  be lifted high and known in this generation and beyond. As for me, I repented for my sins and believe that Jesus forgives me, in His example I extend forgiveness as well. I hope Christianity in the USA will truly reflect the love, honor, and integrity of our Beloved Savior again. Let abuse, defilement, denigrating, and anti-Christ rhetoric be removed from the Bride forever, Amen.

As always thank you for reading. I just wanted to weigh in on what is going on in the United States. I pray that all Christians, including myself rise to the occasion and let His love be known.

Blessings Always,

Dionne Renae

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