What Would You Do?

What if you had the opportunity to take action against a viscous enemy, someone who takes every opportunity to harm, obstruct, sabotage, exploit weaknesses and damage your reputation, would you take action or try to find another way to handle the situation? What if the action that you take, which is completely justified and provable, could possibly take away that person’s freedom, opportunity for future employment, and/or causing devastating ripple effects for them and their families, would you still want to take action? Besides the weight of the decision to take action against this enemy, what if you also had to consider the possibility of backlash, retaliation, and/or fallout? The scenario that was just described is what many people in abusive relationships have to deal with when they pursue their healing, freedom, and well-being. While the Bible has many scriptures on love, being neighborly, and how to participate in society, the issue of abuse is not as frequently addressed. This is because if each person is following the Bible’s teachings and guidelines for lovingly interacting with each other there would not be any abusive patterns and relationships to address. 

Is it God’s will for a person to stay in an abusive situation, whether it is a  romantic relationship, friendship, employment position, or even church relationship? Is God going to step in and rescue someone who is suffering in an abusive situation? Is it ok for society to judge the victim’s flaws and shortcomings as conditions for whether or not they receive help? These are questions that as followers of Jesus that we should answer individually and corporately. There are too many people who are silently suffering in domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, neglect and toxic codependent relationships among family, friends, at their place of employment and even at church. The Lord gave us discernment not to go around being suspicious (I had to learn this also), not to make damning accusations, or as justification for not agreeing with the truth. Discernment is a gift because we can bless people by being sensitive to their pain, struggles, and hindrances and then help them apply the Blood of Jesus so they can receive the healing and deliverance that they need. Discernment can reveal if they are ready for change or if they need additional Intercession, encouragement, or something that God has to reveal. This message is to sound the alarm for Intercession and Spiritual Warfare to ramp up against abuse in every form, especially against those who are most vulnerable: the poor, women and children. There are people who have found themselves in awful situations since being quarantined and shutdown because of COVID-19 began, could you imagine being constantly in close quarters with an abusive person and cannot leave? 

Let’s not focus only on our present needs, or what is bombarding us through the media, instead let’s interceed for those who may suffering and cannot speak out or call for help. Let’s stay sensitive to the needs of others as we pray and also physically intervene when directed to do so. In addition to praying that abusers be removed from the suffering, let’s pray that safe Godly people will fill those voids as they lead them closer to God. Pray that healing for all, not just COVID-19 be released and that the relentless love of God overtake these precious ones. Let’s value what God values and like Jesus do what Father is doing. Also, I know that many Intercessors have  specific prayers assignments, however there are those suffering in oppressive abusive situations all over the world, so please pray for as many people as possible concerning this. 

Let’s tear down the lies, abusers act as if they have complete control and cannot be stopped, this is a lie because true power is in the love of God and to seek Him is the beginning of wisdom. Victims of abuse often feel like there is no way out or no one can help them, this is a lie because whether or not a physical person steps in to help- God always steps in right on time. Present in our culture is the belief that minding our business and not getting involved when we detect abuse will somehow help the victims from being further harmed. I am not suggesting that anyone attempt to be a hero or place themselves in harms way, but we can report to authorities, pray, and offer resources that can help. Let’s also continue to pray for those who are overcoming past abuse and are still dealing with the trauma and ill effects.

Thank you for reading and please share with other prayer warriors who love seeing people set free.

Blessings Always, 

Dionne Renae 

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