Breaking Routine – The Spirit Led Life

Breaking Routine- Spirit Led Life


I truly believe that God is a God of order, however in His sovereignty He can express that order anyway He wishes. Since God made us in His image many of us enjoy atmospheres of order, structure, and routine. We create structure and routine in our lives by the plans and choices we make. Sometimes the safety and comfort of following a routine, especially in our spiritual life, can unfortunately lead us to stagnation and loss of interest. While routine is great for administration of duties and management of time it can give a false sense of security or dull our senses to anything, including God, which may fall outside of our scheduled activities. One of the keys to remaining sensitive to the Holy Spirit is not only listening to, and communing via prayer with Him, but it is to obey the guiding of His voice. If we are too attached to following our routine, we might miss out on opportunities to participate in what God is doing in our midst.

Is there a thought that keeps coming to mind that is something good or practical for you to begin/do that you keep putting off or resisting? When was the last time that you acted on a prompt of the Holy Spirit? Often I am reminded that not yielding or obeying the voice of the Lord quickly can in some cases be the same as not obeying at all. It could be something small, but even the small things can effect great impact when the Holy Spirit is involved. Sometimes the Lord just wants us to be aware of what He is doing. Isaiah 43:19 (Voice) says:

Watch closely: I am preparing something new; it’s happening now, even as I speak, and you’re about to see it. I am preparing a way through the desert; Waters will flow where there had been none.  

What an amazing invitation to be a witness to the great things that God is doing! What if God want’s your attention and obedience so that you can participate with Him in healing a coworker, or encouraging someone to live who was contemplating suicide? What if God wants you to be available to listen to the cares of others so that you can pray with them and invite them to new life in Christ? What if God wants to use you to answer some bible questions to encourage someone who is considering walking away from the faith? All it takes is the attention and obedience to the voice of the Lord and the willingness to trust that what God has in mind is playing a part in His plan.

routine1How many times have you prayed and waited for a breakthrough while clinging to your sacred cows and refusing to do anything different than the way you have always done it? Please consider that breaking routine (as led by the Holy Spirit) may be the key to your breakthrough. It could be as simple as being at the right place at the right time or doing something different to gain a fresh perspective, or it could be the new thing that you try that reveals part of your purpose and destiny for such a time as this. It could be giving in to a whim of inspiration or breaking away from the carefully crafted plan you devised for your success. It may take many forms of breaking routine to release the breakthrough and blessings in to your life, but it will always be your choice to agree, obey, and be led by the Spirit into your promised victory.

If we put things into perspective, anything that God wants to say to us or ask us to do is way more important than anything that we could have going on. What seems important to us today, may not ever come to mind again after it’s over, but anything that we do for Christ will not be in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58). Another thing to remember is that our lives are not our own, so if God is telling us to do something we can respond in gratitude and obey cheerfully because it is a privilege to be in service to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. If there is confusion or resistance in your spirit about doing something that you think God is telling you to do, pray – ask God for a scripture that confirms what you perceive He is saying. Ask for understanding and wisdom, God loves to liberally give us wisdom when we ask for it (James 1:5). Lastly, if it is not something that will cause harm or misunderstanding to someone, trust God and jump out there and go for it! Imagine all of the adventures that await when you obey the voice of the Lord.


Let Us Pray: Father God in the Mighty Name of Jesus thank You for communicating with us and seeking greater portion in our lives. Lord thank you for inviting us to be Your representatives here in the earth realm. Lord thank You that because we hear, know, and obey Your voice we are regarded as Your sheep. We will not follow any stranger’s voice, only heed to Your voice Lord (John 10:4-5). Lord please touch our hearts, minds, wills, and emotions to be sensitive to You, help us to be aware of Your presence. Lord we ask for a closer walk with You because we do not want to miss out on anything that You invite us to participate with You to do. Lord help us to obey in the small, seemingly meaningless things as well as the major acts of obedience that Your name be honored and You will get all of the glory. Lord please help us to let You lead in areas that we are not used to yielding over to You like relationships, finances, and how we spend our personal time. Lord please help us develop an attitude of gratitude and joyful service that we remain fresh, expectant, lively, and faithful in our service to You. Lord please forgive us if we have been negative, resistant, rebellious, or otherwise disobedient to obey You voice in times past. Lord we ask for more chances to hear and obey and to partner with You in building Your Kingdom. Lord please remove any hindrance or obstruction that prevents us from following You wholeheartedly and sincerely. Lord please connect us with people who will encourage us to do as You say and will impart wise counsel when we are not sure of how to obey You. Lord thank You for saving us, for filling us with Your Holy Spirit, and for giving us the opportunity to walk with You as a friend not a slave. Thank You for all of this in Jesus name AMEN!

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Blessings Always,

Dionne Renae

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