Horror or Holy?



There has been a lot of talk over the years, prayers, calls to action, and prophecies that the Body of Christ will collectively move into the supernatural realms with signs and wonders following. In all of its biblical accuracy, this type of message is cause for celebration for some, and evokes absolute terror in others. A lot of Christians would not admit it openly, but there can be fear of the miraculous even among advanced spirit filled, “tongue talkin’, holy rollin’ Christians to newly converted “baby” Christians. The problem is that what most of us, including Christians, are taught about supernatural powers and events that do not have reasonable explanation is negative. Unfortunately scandals, folklore, and people who are confused, in error, or concealing agendas often discourage well-meaning Christians from wanting to get involved with anything supernatural at all. Now this is not to say that exploring any and all supernatural phenomenon is a safe or healthy thing to do, however with the Word of God, the help of wise spiritual counsel, and the leading of the Holy Spirit learning about how God uses the supernatural realm to heal, cleanse, deliver, empower His people and advance His Kingdom objectives forward is highly encouraged. This is a great time in history if you want to learn about God’s supernatural power working through the Church. Check out Christian bookstores and other Christian resources to find out about books, courses, and lectures that can expand your knowledge base. While I encourage learning, I don’t encourage practicing anything without submitting to Spiritual Leadership and making sure that your foundation is strong in the Word of God and in your relationship with God.

So where did this fear of the supernatural come from? The most simple answer to this is Satan. He is the source of that fear, along with the fall of mankind, and the desire of evil people to control the supernatural realm fear was an effective tool to keep the supernatural hidden. In modern culture, the skepticism of God using the supernatural for His purposes is great, while people easily believe that a house could be haunted, or that there is ancient secret power somewhere that needs to be found. The truth of the matter is that people believe even weirder stuff than that and yet have no faith to believe that 1) There is a Supernatural God who created the universe, 2) That God can heal, provide, or work out difficult situations supernaturally, and 3) That this Supernatural God sent His Son to earth supernaturally to die for our sins and leave a trail for us to find Him. People can believe in “luck” and “karma” but not a loving God who is available to have a relationship with them.

All throughout pop culture and the entertainment field are messages of why the supernatural is either not real, or only evil. Vampires, Wizards, and Zombies are Hollywood’s go to for making quick money when ratings are down. Now, I personally am not a lover of horror films, thrillers, or anything that is overloaded with creepiness. I was terrified of “scary” movies when I was a child, but as a young adult I did watch some of them partly to overcome my fear, and wanting to know what “everybody else” was talking about. Around the same time when I rededicated my life to Christ as a 21 year old and was taught about “guarding my gates.” This biblical teaching instructs believers to pay attention to, and actually “guard” yourself from anything unlike God that wants to come in to your life. This means music, television, movies, activities, information that you take in, conversations, etc. I did not follow this teaching perfectly, but when I started to apply this teaching to my life I started noticing a pattern: concepts and ideas that would be indicators of the Holy Spirit at work were “fictionized”, and reinterpreted into something to be fearful of. Below are some of the examples that I have observed over the years:



Blood dripping The Blood of Jesus –  Hebrews 13:11-12
Poltergeist Activity of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2:1-5
Freddy – Nightmare on Elm Street Prophetic Dreams – Acts 2:16-17
Curses / Witchcraft, Wizardry Intercessory prayer, Prophetic decrees – Acts 2:18
Rosemary’s Baby The Incarnation of Jesus through the Virgin Mary – Luke 1:35
Frankenstein The Resurrection of Christ – Luke 24:1-12

Body of Christ – 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

One New Man – Ephesians 2:14-16

The Bride of Frankenstein The Bride of Christ – John 3:29
Zombie Apocalypse The dead in Christ rising upon Jesus’ return –

1 Thessalonians 4:15-17

Possession by evil spirit The indwelling of the Holy Spirit – 1 Corinthians 3:16, 6:19

There are probably many more inverse imagery interpretations that could be examined, however I just made the simple chart above to show how subliminally modern culture has been programmed to be afraid of God’s supernatural spiritual power. Just like when people have “daddy issues” they may not be able to relate to God as “Father God” because of the wounds and painful memories of their earthly father, the same is true for people who are afraid of this imagery because of the false evil interpretation. If this message is hitting home for you, or you now understand that evil imagery can place barriers in your mind and emotions that inhibit you from receiving from the miraculous nature of God.

Why is this important? This is important because Jesus came that we would have “life more abundantly”. This means that we should be able to experience the loving, glorious, forgiving, restoring, and miraculous nature of God in our relationship with Him now, while we are on earth in this lifetime. God wants to heal, restore, provide for, and utterly amaze His people and the ones that will get to know Him in the future and the supernatural realms are being redeemed to proclaim His glory. The Church has been praying for revival for years and you don’t want to miss the move of God, miss the healing and restoration He has for you, or your opportunity to partner with God in manifesting Heaven on Earth.

Let’s Pray: Father God thank You for Your love, joy, peace, and saving grace that has been keeping us and helping us to stay in relationship with You. Lord thank You for revealing any fear, apprehension, or nervousness about being in Your Presence, receiving Your Holy Spirit, or cooperating with You in the supernatural. Lord please let Your Holy light permeate every area of darkness, fear, resistance to Your Spirit, or wrong thinking pattern concerning Your ability and help us to offer everything we find up to You for You to take care of in Your own way. Lord please forgive us for any lack of faith, disobedience to take steps of faith, or unbelief towards You concerning the miraculous in the Mighty name of Jesus. Lord show us where we fit into Your plan to manifest heaven on earth and help us to get the training, mentors/counselors, and foundation in the Word of God that we need to fulfill every plan that You have for us in the Mighty name of Jesus. Lord please heal the wounds of those who have been taken advantage of, disappointed, or led into error concerning the supernatural so that they can experience all of You and not just a fraction of what You want to share with them. Lord purify our heart, mind, will, and spirit so that we will not misuse or abuse any spiritual gifting that you unlock in us. Lord if there is anything in our bloodline, ancestry, current relationships, or our own heart that we need to submit to You please lead us in doing this so that we can be in right standing with You and be in agreement with what You want to accomplish through our lives. Lord we stir up our faith and boldly say yes to getting to know You in this way in the Mighty Name of Jesus amen!

Thank you for reading this blog post, if this has blessed you please feel free to share with someone that you want to bless!

Blessings Always ♥,
Dionne Renae

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