Take a Moment

Take a Moment


It’s the Holiday Season! Full of planning, shopping, and gathering with family and friends. This is probably the busiest time of the year because in the midst of all of the holiday madness, work still has to be done at the job and around the house planning for next year is underway, and if you are in school this is term paper and exam prep season. There are so many things that want our attention: commercials, people in our lives, needs, and desires – it can get overwhelming! Now shift gears and think about the blessing it is that we who are born again can cast our care on to Jesus (1 Peter 5:7) and He will bear our burdens (Matthew 11:28-30). Take a moment to give every fear, worry, anxiety, and distraction to Jesus and allow His love to comfort, refresh and refocus your attention on the things that are important to Him.

Lately I have been listening to this song from back in the day called “Order My Steps in Your Word”. This song will forever be relevant because even if we know where we are going, it’s always better to walk in the pathway that God reveals to us. Psalm 119:104-106 is a really strong passage about the “ways” or “paths” that are available to walk in. In verse 104, the psalmist talks about hating every wrong/false way or path. The solution to this is found in verse 105, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” (NLT) From this we learn that the Word guides us towards the right way we should walk. The Bible is a resource of life instructions, there are teachings on practically every area of life. Take a moment to prayerfully study the Holy Scriptures to receive direction for life and guidance for whatever situation you may be facing.

You have been blessed all year long, even if you have faced struggles God has been protecting and helping you so take a moment and give God some praise! Even if you are waiting on a breakthrough or for a turnaround, declare your come back is here and give God the glory! Even if we do not get everything that we want, our Heavenly Father always makes sure that we have what we need. Thank Him because He deserves it, because He is worthy, and because of His graciousness and forgiveness towards us. God is soooooo patient with us – that alone should get 20 Hallelujahs! Thanking God is not just an exercise in appreciation, it is an expression of faith. When we thank God we are showing our confidence, trust, and belief in Him and therefore the enemy is put on notice. Whatever reason you find, give some time to the Lord in praise and thanksgiving.


Now that you have cast your cares on Jesus and studied the Word for guidance, and thanked Him for His goodness take a moment and lift someone else up to the Lord. Remember all those cares that you were carrying around before you realized Jesus would take care of them for you? Well, you family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and whoever else God is placing on your heart probably has similar cares also. Whether or not you know of a situation that they are facing or not, lift them up in prayer to the Lord and ask the Lord to take their cares, just as He has taken yours. If you know that they are not saved or are walking far from God pry for their salvation. Please do not take for granted that someone else will pray for them. Don’t put it off for another second, because if that person is on your mind God may be trying to get your attention. If you do not know where to start in praying for someone else, you are welcome to join me in the prayer that I have posted below. It is not a short prayer, but I believe that it is worth the moment we take to put the needs of our loved ones before the Father.

Prayer for Loved Ones

Lord we come before You today to say thank you, to show appreciation for You goodness and faithfulness towards us and to honor You with all we are and all we have in the name of Jesus. Lord we come to You acknowledging that You are Holy, Righteous, Gracious, and Never Failing. Lord we come to You not on behalf of our needs and desires but on behalf of those that You have entrusted to our care.  Lord we turn our affections away from ourselves and place them on the people that You have blessed us to be in our lives. Lord there are all types of needs that the people that we are lifting up to You have, some need healing, some need hope, some need to know that You are not angry at them and offer them forgiveness, and other still need a breakthrough for an impossible situation that they currently face. Lord whatever the need is we are confident that You can take care of it, in perfect timing, and in complete accuracy. Lord we trust and affirm that the whole universe is subject to You and You have everything under control. Lord right now, we ask that You pour out Your love on the people that we are lifting up to You so that they will not be distressed, in fear, or misguided in trying to handle the problems they face on their own. Lord for those that know You and have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we ask that You bring them closer to You and lead them into a deeper understanding of Your ways, and what You have promised to do for them in Your Word. Lord we lift every outcast, black sheep, orphan, rejected, oppressed, infirmed, distressed, worried, and anxious person to You as ask that Holy Spirit usher in the peace and comfort of Your working things out on their behalf for them. Lord please orchestrate events, moments, and situations in such a way that those who do not know You come into the understanding that You are truly God and that they can be free from sin through Christ Jesus. Lord use our mouths to speak, hands, feet, and all that You have entrusted to us to participate with what You are doing in the lives of those that we are interceding for. Lord If we get attitude, disrespect or confusion from those that we are lifting up to You, please break it immediately so that Your work is not disrupted. Lord we ask that You cancel all backlash, retaliation, or any other type of evil from attacking us, our families, and loved ones in the Mighty name of Jesus. Lord we ask that You activate hedges of protection around them and us, so that You can bring Your work in their lives to full manifestation in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord we trust in You to bring it to pass, we stir our faith now and will not agree with any lie or circumstance that says it will not come to pass in the name of Jesus. We agree with the identity that You have given them and refuse to see them in a lesser light. Lord we release our expectation and praise You in advance for it now in the name of Jesus AMEN!!!!!

Thank you for reading this blog post. If it has been a blessing to you, please share and forward to friend and family that you think would be blessed by it as well. May God bless you during this holiday season and you are welcome to check the other posts on https://lessonsnblessings.com/.

Blessings Always,

Dionne Renae




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