Start New

Start New


So we have made it through the 1st month in the year 2018, some of us feel like it truly is a year of newness, while others are dealing with the “same ole’ same ole” from previous years of our lives. Regardless of how we feel about it, process it, or form opinions about it: It IS a new year. New opportunities, new breakthroughs, new ways to praise and worship, and new ways to grow closer to God is already in progress!

For some of us a lot of things will be new this year, for others it will look typical but that does not change the fact that new times and seasons are upon us now. Our responsibility is to seek God concerning the new things. Some very wise people seek the Lord for the things to come for 5, 10, or more years in the future to begin to prepare. Its ok if you haven’t done that, most people haven’t, however as we enter into the second month of 2018 there is still a lot of year left to seek the Lord about. So I encourage you to pray asking about the future and even for your present days if that is not something that you do not normally do. As I am writing this is just occurring to me that many of the anointed people from the Bible or even in Modern times that had really vivid dreams or direct “words” from God probably were already seeking to hear from God before He responded so expressively.


So what does new look like? If we are supposed to be believing for and expecting new things, what is that going to look like in our lives? Honestly there is no “cookie cutter” answer for this question. The best way to find out what new things God may want to do is to define your starting point. If you are someone who is going through a great transition and have lost, let go, moved out from, or had any type of subtraction take place in your personal or any other area of your life that is a good place to start. It does not mean that God is going to replace what you had with the same thing, or even with a better version of the same thing. It could mean that that area of your life is under renovation and will not look the way it looked before the process began. If a person paid a contractor to renovate an area of their house, they would not expect the contractor to put newer versions of what they already had (unless that is what they asked for). The customer paying for the renovation wants something different, better, and more functional that caters to the preferences and intended uses. In our case the areas of our lives that are “under construction” are not necessarily going to go according to our plans and designs, but according to God’s. This requires new faith measures and trust levels to increase on our part. It also means that we have to know the Word of God and listen carefully for His voice so that we can recognize the new things when it arrives. Isaiah 43:19 says:


“Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing,
Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it?
I will even put a road in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert…”

For those that feel like everything is still the same press into your faith and decide to believe and expect what God is doing. It may seem challenging but not a foolish thing to do because we can trust God’s word! Another strategy is to disconnect from the news and other types of media that only report on how “bad” everything is going according to them. It’s so easy to agree with the masses and toss any thread of hope out, but this is NOT the time for that! This is the time to proclaim and declare that God is doing a new thing and this new thing is for our good! Some people fear change because it makes them uncomfortable, they do not know how to navigate through it with confidence, and ultimately fear that negative results will always come from change. If fear is attempting to get you to disagree with the new things God is doing in your life, get rid of the fear immediately! God’s plans for us are always good even if the change we have to go through to receive it has uncomfortable moments. If you ever question whether or not a change is working for your good, give it to God and ask Him to reveal His heart perspective for the situation or for peace while He is working things out on your behalf.

Lastly, BE the NEW! Whenever God is doing something on earth He often invites us to participate with Him. Maybe the new thing that God wants to do involves you partnering with Him. It could be an act of service, singing new songs, getting started on that project/dream/business, or worshipping or praying with new passion. It’s true the new thing does come from God, but don’t forget if you are a saved believer in Jesus Christ, God is also in YOU! Of course, God is not going to lead you to do anything against His word or to harm anyone, but He could very well lead you right out of your comfort zone and in the NEW! Here is some encouragement from Proverbs 11:30 (ERV):

What good people produce is like a life-giving tree. Those who are wise give new life to others.


Let’s Pray: Lord thank you for the promises that are guaranteed to us in Your word. Lord thank You for new mercies every day and for caring so much for us and the things that concern us. Lord You are Ruler over it all: our past, our present, and our future! You are truly the Alpha and Omega, full of wisdom, power and grace. Lord right now we come to You seeking Your heart for the new things that You are releasing this year and beyond into our lives, families, communities, nations and even the world. Lord please help us not dismiss any new thing that You are doing in, around, for us, or for others in our lives in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Lord please help us to tune in to Your Voice and to steward what you reveal to us with care and passion in the name of Jesus. Lord please do not let the negativity of evil reports from the media, people around us, or our own weakness corrupt, delay, prohibit, or cancel out any new thing that You are doing for ourselves or for others. Lord we will not go by what we can perceive with our understanding but choose to agree that if You say new things, new blessings, new favor, new good opportunities, and new fellowship with You is coming then we believe that it is definitely on the way! Lord we come to You asking to participate in the new thing that You are doing and ask for more holy boldness to step out and walk in in in the Name of Jesus. Lord as You bring forth the new thing, please also restore, refresh, and revive all of Your people so that we will be able to maximize all that You have prepared for us. Lord we thank You and bless you for all of this we ask in Jesus name AMEN!

Thank you for reading this post! If it has been a blessing to you, please share it and encourage someone you love!


Blessings Always ♥♥♥,

Dionne Renae


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