Traveling New Paths -> It’s Counter Intuitive

Traveling New Paths -> It’s Counter Intuitive

Counter Intuitive1

So we’re approaching the end of February 2018 and the “brand newness” of the “new thing” that God is doing in our lives may feel like it’s wearing off. It’s sort of like when the “new car scent” starts fading out after owning a new car for a few months. In actuality the car is still relatively new, however because of the current usage and similarities with other cars that person has owned, it no longer “feels” new. Or you may be in a totally new situation or circumstance that you have never been in before and the novelty is gone. If you are feeling like the “new thing” is a new version of the same ol’ same ol’ then I have great news for you: It’s supposed to feel that way!

Counter Intuitive2
Traveling new paths with the Lord is counter intuitive. This is because you are not operating in what is familiar to you. The main point to focus on is this: If God said it’s new…. It is new. End of story. Do not process the things that you are experiencing in the new place according to the old or familiar places you have been in life. This is key for prospering in the new place that God has made available for you. Yes you may detect the enemy using the same strategies and weapons that he used in previous seasons, but that’s ok, because you already know how to overcome those strategies! Do not be dismayed at the enemy’s barking and hissing… that is old news. Also remember that you are not traveling the new path on your own, God is with you! He has charged His angels to encamp around you and has prepared the pathway for every step that you take.

Remember the 1st day of Kindergarten? The 1st day of Junior High? The 1st day of High School? What about the 1st day of your 1st job versus the 1st day of your current job? Out of all of these firsts that you just remembered were any of them exactly the same? Of course not! There may be similarities, like walking into a room where you meet you teacher for the first time or being introduced to you new boss and coworkers for the first time, but they were all different experiences with varying expectation levels and outcomes. If you approach the first day of University in the same way that you approached the first day of Kindergarten more than likely you would be in for a rude awakening. This is not to say that one should lose all childlike wonder and excitement, it’s just pointing out that it is natural to refer back to a familiar experience that seems similar but at some point recognize that it’s only like the past if you create it to be that way.

Take each day, experience, and situation that you find yourself in as something new (even if it’s repetitive) and approach it from a fresh angle. Try something that you didn’t try the last time, unless what you are doing is working, and resist any lie from the enemy that tries to tell you that it’s going to be like the last negative experience that you went through. Remember that God gives us new mercies every morning because the mercies from the former day fulfilled that requirement. Take hold of your portion of mercy, grace, love, joy, faithfulness, provision, healing, or whatever else you need from God for that day. Ask God to keep you moving in sync with Him so that you receive all that He is releasing to you for this new season and to be able to participate with Him where He is.
Like fish swimming upstream, or breaking out in praise in the midst of the fight of your life, remember that traveling the new path with God feels counter intuitive. So turn your emotions over to God and let Him heal the broken places, let the Holy Spirit with in you lead you instead of your reason or emotions. This could be difficult, but once you surrender to God and His plans, it’s really the only way to do things that will make sense to you. Pray your way through, praise your way through, apply the wisdom of the Word of God to your life and agree with God quickly, new adventures and blessings are on the way!

Counter Intuitive3
Scriptures of Encouragement*
Isaiah 58:11 And the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy you in drought and in dry places and make strong your bones. And you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not.
2 Samuel 22:34 He makes my feet like the hinds’ [firm and able]; He sets me secure and confident upon the heights.
Psalm 23:4 – Yes, though I walk through the [deep, sunless] valley of the shadow of death, I will fear or dread no evil, for You are with me; Your rod [to protect] and Your staff [to guide], they comfort me.
Deuteronomy 11:14 I will give the rain for your land in its season, the early rain and the latter rain, that you may gather in your grain, your new wine, and your oil.
Isaiah 40:31 – Yet those who wait for the Lord Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.
Isaiah 42:9 Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.
*I encourage you to read the whole books/chapters to get greater revelation!

Let’s Pray: Father God thank You for bringing us into this new season of new things and new paths. Lord thank You for keeping us and making ways for us to get to this place and for allowing us to partake in Your plans. Lord we turn to You and seek Your guidance for thriving and prospering in the new place. Lord we ask You to show us how to maximize the new things that You introduce to us for Your Kingdom and Glory in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord help us to only travel new paths that You open for us and to stay in step with You. Lord we turn over any new issues, problems, or concerns to You, trusting You for the answers, solutions and next steps to take regarding them. Lord if at any point we begin to treat the new thing like the old thing please redirect us back to Your Word, Your Promise, Your Reputation, and Your Great Faithfulness in the name of Jesus. Lord thank You for sending angelic help to fight for us, protect us, and to bring in the resources we need in this new place. Lord we agree to respond to You with new praises, new worship, new obedience, new humility, and new gratefulness. Lord one thing that never gets old is the victory that Jesus Christ purchased for us on the Cross at Calvary, thank You for sending Your Son to take every curse, punishment for sin, and every illness upon Himself for our sakes. Lord thank You for choosing us for such a time as this and for including us to be heirs with Christ. Lord we thank you for all of this in the Precious Name of Jesus AMEN!

Counter Intuitive4


Thank you for reading! Please share with someone else in your life that is traveling new paths!

Blessings Always ♥,

Dionne Renae


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