Be a Co-Conspirator


Lately I keep sensing that God is drawing closer to the Body of Christ as we are drawing nearer to Him. For many people this is the point where they are being transformed from causal, or even servant Christians (who only see God as a powerful “boss”) to friends of God (where God invites His people to participate in what He is doing). A few days ago, the phrase “Co-Conspirator with Christ” was ringing and reverberating in my spirit. It wasn’t like a rebuke or command, it was kind of like the feeling when you are planning a good surprise for someone you love. Like, for example, when the decorations are in place, all of the guests have arrived and everything is in place and that moment comes right before the guest of honor comes in and everyone yells, “SURPRISE!!!!” It’s a sense of participation, anticipation, and the satisfaction of the stage being set for God’s great performance. 

One of the late night comedy and entertainment shows that I indulge in viewing from time to time, will spontaneously perform a scene from a popular musical right in the middle of a busy intersection and film the reactions of the innocent passersbys who have no idea what is going on. It’s not hard to imagine the Kingdom of God working something like that at times. God and His team of angels, heavenly beings, and Saints are all working together to fulfill His wonderful will in the earth as it is in heaven, and when a lot of people encounter it (believers and unbelievers alike) have no idea what is going on. They don’t know if they should welcome the change and interruption of their “normal” routines or if they should just go with it. Some people are immediately angry and confused because something out side of their control is interfering with them getting what they want. The people who just accept that something wonderful is happening and stay in the moment are the ones who are able to be enriched and come away from the situation full of joy, excitement, and appreciation for what has unexpectedly taken place in their lives. In the Kingdom of God the second attitude to gratitude and wonder is what pleases God and allows Him to invite us to participate with Him more often.

Another thing to consider about being a “Co-Conspirator with Christ” is that our part could be he big or small, the grandness of the position we take is unimportant, the fact that we ARE taking a position is the more important thing to consider. It’s like a relay race, regardless of who competes first, second, third, or last, if the team wins that race, everyone on the team wins! It is time to stop being distracted by what other people are doing or not doing for the body of Christ. It is time for us to focus and take OUR position and play Our part regardless of what it looks like. This is going to require trust, this is going to require not knowing all of the details for the mission but fulfilling what we know needs to be done to the best of our ability until the rest is revealed. 


So here is the reality check: Being a “Co-Conspirator with Christ” is not only going to involve us knowing His ways, and playing our position, it is also going to attract opposition and warfare. Remember those people who become incensed and agitated at change, even when it is a good and beneficial change….. well… there is that to deal with, and also the enemy himself, who will do everything in his power to thwart your mission or have you quit right before the breakthrough. Don’t worry, just change your paradigm on how spiritual warfare works in the Kingdom. Most of us, especially intercessors, usually view spiritual warfare like a boxing ring, we are in one corner and the enemy is in the opposite one. We strive, persist, endure, and even after getting knocked around a bit, black out and get revived just in time, then try to deliver that final KO to the enemy, after finally submitting to Jesus and asking for help. If we realize that the enemy is just too strong and that a KO is unrealistic, we resort to at least staying in the ring for all twelve rounds. Hey, if we make it to the end we give a “how I got over” shout and end up going right back into the ring again…. What spiritual warfare is really like in the Kingdom is us in one corner with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit as part of one team facing off against the enemy, and his minions. The fight is truly not fair! Because not only do we have the Holy Trinity on the team, but also the angelic armies are on the sidelines just waiting for orders to jump in with an assist. On top of that, every time the enemy gets too close the referee (who is also on our side), He enforces the Blood of Jesus over our lives. So we can always win, even in the midst of warfare, because we can turn the fight over to our “Divine Dream Team” and let them handle the fight in their power. 

Not trying to paint an idealistic picture of what it means to be a disciple, persecution, opposition, and even hardship does sometimes find its way into the situation but remember that God is working everything together for our good and in the end He alone will be glorified!

Please do not let this message pass you by, especially if you are going through a trying time. My truth concerning this message is that right when I was getting ready to post this message, in AUGUST 2019…. I was hit by an unexpected blow from the enemy. Satan truly HATES this message! I know that a lot of the hardship that I have facing concerning an area of my life recently, only started to get worse right when I was planning on posting this. Regardless of the strategy of the enemy to try to stifle and surpress this message, I still choose to be a Co-conspirator with Christ! This is what victory looks like some times. agreeing with Christ means defying the control of the enemy. Agreeing to participate with Christ even when times are discouraging means thwarting the plans of the enemy to get you to quit in the middle of your mission. While it is trying and difficult, do not give up! Just continue to agree to participate with Christ until the breakthrough comes. I admit this is not easy to walk out in our lives, but ALL things are possible with Christ! Take a moment and seek the Lord about what He wants you to participate with Him about. Ask Him to reveal to you where He is working, and how you can be apart of it. When He shows you, exercise your faith and agree, take a step, take some action, and expect Him to bring it to fruition. This is the way that I want to walk with Jesus and I pray that we all go beyond the common existence and agree to be a Co-conspirator with Christ! Also, take the limits off! It may not be a “religious” or “worshipful” thing that God wants you to do, so be led by the Spirit and have some adventures in Kingdom building!



As always, I want to thank you for reading this post. If it has touched your life or sparked some inspiration, please share with others who might appreciate it. Thank you again for reading and embarking on this journey with me!



Blessings Always!

Dionne Renae


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