The Song of Protest

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By observing the stance of protest that most of the world has taken regarding the recent racially motivated murders of George Floyd and many countless others in the US, UK, South Africa, and other parts of the world. Many of the flaws in our Law Enforcement and Judicial systems are now re-exposed and the truth of the injustice and cruelty that has prevaded into what could have been a fair and just system into corruption and inhumane practices. As an intercessor, there aren’t enough tears, cries, or even prayers to assuage the grief, disgust, and anger that many people are experiencing right now. This is not to say that God is not capable of answering, comforting, or establishing peace, this is just saying that the wound runs deep and it will not be fixed with a “band aid” quick fix type of solution. It seems like history is repeating itself once again, and what was not addressed during the black lives matter movement that broke out just a few years ago, has to be addressed now… There is no more misdirection, or condescending chiding that can put to rest the issues of not only racial injustice, prejudice, racial profiling, and targeting, but also the gross abuse of power, improper enforcement of the law, and protecting corrupt and lawless actions of officers that cross the line. The tactic of just saying things aren’t as bad as they appear, is not going to work for this. It didn’t work for COVID -19 and it’s not going to work for this issue either. 

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Looking back to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, what made that movement effective? What was the glue that helped people to “stick with it” and not be discouraged when facing systematic opposition? 

  1. They trained and prepared for the worse. They went out, knowing that they might not come that night, they might end up in jail, beaten down on the street, or worse.. Dead. They took it very seriously, and while lots of anger and emotion was displayed, they were focused and intentional about reaching their ultimate goal which was to demand justice. This was a strategic undertaking, it was designed and many months of meetings and planning went into it. This is why the communication of what they wanted to achieve was so clear. Anybody that joined in had to get on the same page and agree that the protests would be peaceful, unified, and for the sole purpose of tearing down the unjust system thus recovering the rights of people of color throughout the USA. 
  1. This was a move of God. They committed their protests and outcries unto the Lord. While secular people certainly join in, the undercurrent that kept the Civil Rights Movement flowing was prayer, and biblical teaching. It was not only the influence of previous peaceful protesters such as Gandhi that inspired the manner in which they conducted themselves during the protests, it was biblical teaching, expressions of the love of Christ that was displayed. Divine love of our God is the only force that can not be denied. Even in the anger, the passion for change, and the willingness to die for what we believe, there has to be love. If there is no love in the movement, it is the equivalent to what 1 Corinthians 13:1 describes as clanging symbols. Love is furious. Love is mighty. Love never fails (i Corinthians 13:8).
  1. They watched out for each other. Please hear me, if you plan on taking a group of people out to protest, please assume responsibility for each one. Anything can happen, from police brutality, shooting, or just simply becoming separated from the group and getting lost. Have a plan of communicating and periodic roll calls to make sure that all the people in your care are safe and accounted for. Make a plan for where to meet or how to contact each other if something crazy breaks out. Please do go to protest, if that is what God is calling you to do, just ask Him for the Shepherd’s and Watchman’s anointing while you are managing the group that you take, or even other protesters that you meet along the way. 
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  1. They not only chanted, clapped, and shouted, during protests, they sang together. They used the same mechanism that African slaves used in the fields to encourage themselves, send messages, and create solidarity. They sang songs of freedom. They sang songs of overcoming, They sang songs that penetrated the hearts and minds of their fiercest opposition. They sang their way into the promised land. They sang songs that have now become embedded in the fabric of our government and culture. What did the Israelites do at Jericho’s wall? They strategically worshipped and the walls came down. What did Jehoshaphat do when their enemies were advancing against them? In 2 Chronicles 20:18-26 we see that the army went out singing and worshipping God and a mighty victory was won, without them ever having to go into battle. What did Paul and Silas do when they were imprisoned for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ? “And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed” (Acts 16:25-26). Singing in itself does not necessarily have any special power, however singing, worshipping, and joining in to sing the song of the Lord about freedom, overcoming, justice, love, and mercy is always powerful. 
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My charge to everyone that reads this, especially to those that plan on or already are protesting is that you invite the Spirit of the Lord into your protests. For where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty, Freedom, Justice, and most importantly Love (2 Corinthians 3:17). 

Let us pray: Father God, thank You for Your careful watch over all those that are protesting peacefully. Lord You see it all, and the untimely deaths of Your precious ones have gone unnoticed by You. Lord God You see, and You respond. You hear our cries, understand our outrage, and You show up. You do want racial injustice or  oppression of any of Your people to prevail, but because You granted humankind with freewill it happens in this fallen world. We lift up to you the memories of those who suffered at the hands of a violent, cruel, and evil foe. Lord You know the pain and torment, because You suffered it Yourself on cross at Calvary. You know what it’s like to be taunted and reviled while trying to hang to your breaths. Lord God You know the grief, the pain, and the anger of losing a Son too soon. When Adam sinned you felt the pain, and yet still showed compassion for us. Lord please do it again. Just like You responded to the cries of the oppressed and sent Moses to deliver them out of Egypt do it again. Respond how You want to Lord, have Your way! Please strengthen the freedom fighters, the activists, the protesters, and the ones within the legal, law enforcement, and government systems who are executing Your will in the earth. Lord let it be known that You reign over injustice, Your rule will be enacted Sovereignly from on High in the name of Jesus. Lord we welcome You into the protest, let Your name be lifted high and Your ways be exalted in the name of Jesus. Lord let those who were purposeless, aimlessly existing find their purpose in life and choose to live righteously for You. Lord let those who show up to loot, riot, and stir up illegal activity and violence be overtaken by the love that flows from the songs of freedom in the name of Jesus. Lord let those that come to provoke and instigate racially charged violence be swept away by the rhythms of praise, worship, and celebration in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord let the sound of triumph, victory, and unity be heard around the world. Let freedom ring in the Mighty name of Jesus! AMEN.

As always, thank you for reading this blog post. Please share, pray, and sing together for freedom! 

Blessings Always,

Dionne Renae

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