The True Vine

Greetings Intercessors and Prophetic Worshippers! These are strange times that we are living in, but our God is still Mighty to Save! Have you been feeling alone out in the wilderness, like you are crying out to God but desert and drought is staring back at you unfazed? Have you broken through yet and still remain unquenchable and longing for greater? If this was happening in any other season,  there might be cause for concern,  however we can equate these experiences to “growing pains” during environmental duress. The mandate and vision of God is propelling you forward even though it seems like nothing is changing, or even getting worse. Believe it or not this is exactly where we are supposed to be. It may seem contrary to ideal growing conditions, but this is exactly what we need for the coming seasons and to keep up with the momentum of the Kingdom. 

See all of this makes sense when we take into account that we are part of the “True Vine” as described in John 15:1-17. According to Wikipedia,  one of the purposes of a vine is to use its environment,  rocks, other plants,  etc. to help it reach sunlight without expending all of the plants’ energy. The Bible states that Jesus is the True Vine and through His sacrifice of His life at Calvary all of us have been grafted into His Kingdom and redemptive work in the earth as part of His body. Notice that vines use rocky, hard places, and diverse ecology to sustain itself. The environment is not changing as rapidly as the Vine is growing!

Another beautiful thing about this revelation, as every gardener knows, is that vines typically grow extremely fast, even in the least ideal growing conditions. Speaking of gardeners, the Word relates God the Father as the Husbandman or Gardener who is taking care of the Vine. So regardless of the environmental stress, non-ideal growing conditions, and even the threat of desert heat and drought God is still in control and meeting every challenge to take care of us! Relating God to a Gardener is so profound because even though plants, especially vines, can thrive just by relying on its environment, but Gardeners ensure the health, productivity, and vigor of their plants. This means not only watering, providing nutrient rich soil and plenty of sunlight, but also unpleasant tasks like thinning, pruning, treating pestilence/disease  and repotting/transplanting. The Gardener is willing to get His hands dirty while handling His Vine with care, this means regardless of the state you are in or the challenges set against you, you can trust that God is taking care of you. The Vine is just happy to exist, while the Gardener is seeking the full potential of His garden. Yes, are experiencing difficult times but there is comfort knowing that God is still cultivating our lives to express our greatest potential. 

Beloved, do not faint or grow weary in well doing. If you feel especially alone and in unfamiliar territory, it just may be that you are a forerunner. A special thing about vines is that at the end of it is a sensitive bud tip along with some tendrils (on some varieties). This is called a “runner,” it is the part of the plant that stays moving towards sunshine. All of the branches or shoots of the vine look mighty when clustered together, but if you follow the length of the vine away from the base you will see the runners moving out and away from the base. I really believe that this is a perfect example of what we, the Church/Body of Christ should look like. Remember John the Baptist? He was described as one crying out in the wilderness, and a forerunner of Christ/The True Vine. To many people he was weird, a zealot, and religious fanatic. However, we know now that he really was the one chosen to prepare the way for Christ’s earthly ministry. God needed someone undeterred by the harsh environment, sensitive to His heart, and willing to go first: without example or predecessor. God still chooses people to be forerunners, there are still much to do for the advancement of the Kingdom and we have the opportunity to seek out light in dark, harsh, and uncomfortable places. Don’t give up on your call, dreams, gifts, talents, abilities or the mandate of God on your life. Trust God to guide you forward, even if you are the one who has to go first. Fear not ! Be strong and courageous for your God has given you the victory!

Let’s pray: Father God, thank you for being the cultivator of our lives and for guiding us through uncharted terrain. Lord thank You for allowing us to take part in building the Kingdom as part of the Body of Christ. Lord we have never been to the place that You are guiding us through, so please reassure us of Your plans as we move forward. Lord Jesus You died to restore full dominion and grace back to us so that Your Kingdom may be established in the earth. We agree today that this dominion tames every wilderness we face and empowers us with boldness and courage to go first. Lord let the consecration and sanctification of Your Vine produce the sweetest anointing that draws the hardest sinner to You when they partake of the fruit You produce through us. Let us not resist Your call to move out from the base and remain sensitive to Your leading and counsel at all times. Lord we acknowledge that although we appear to be on the edge by ourselves, but in reality You are right there with us making sure that we reach our divine purpose and fullest potential. Thank You Lord for this opportunity to have adventures and new experiences with You as You transform us regardless of the changing environment around us. Lord we bless You for all of this and more in Jesus’ name Amen.

As always thank you for reading, I pray that this message is an encouragement and comfort to your soul during these trying times. 

Blessings Always, 

Dionne Renae

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